Colour Management

Colour – by measuring it, we can manage it.

Our team and our processes are geared to produce high quality and consistent colour all year round on everything we do. We run to the latest ISO 12647-2 : 2013 certification – it’s in our proofs, our plates and within our final printed result. When you view our proofs they're using these standards; you'll see how we simulate the influence of stock and ink behaviour for both coated and uncoated materials. We've made sure this is an accurate simulation of what you'll see on press. It means your brand, and indeed any colour critical project are safe in our hands.


Page geometry, brand compliance, Pantone colours, image composition, fonts, trapping, ink weights – under a fine tooth comb – we check and double check your file. Once all specifications are aligned, we proof it, for your approval to proceed to print.

By running within the tightly controlled
ISO parameters – we achieve the same
result for your product and brand, time
and time again.


Literally - ink on paper. This is where your vision combined with a well-executed plan comes to life.

Using our modern press fleet, our team engages efficient technologies and smart in-press quality measures.
Ensuring colour integrity in all that we do. With enviable capacity we deliver consistent, high-quality, repeatable
results to our customers, their products and brands.

Paper is the 5th colour in everything print. The human eye will use the ‘whiteness’ of the paper and will reference all other colours based upon the paper shade.


Digital Print

Fast, targeted, high quality print – digital technologies provide ultimate flexibility – short or medium sized runs and personalised campaigns. With the latest technologies, our digital presses are supported with a range of finishing and embellishments – allowing us to share your marketing vision and bring it to life.

Adhesive Labels

Attention-grabbing results across multiple substrates including white, transparent or metallised – for short, medium and long run projects. Our state-of-the-art digital printing technologies supplies high quality, cost-effect labels for hand or machine applications – regular uses are for food, beverage, industrial, and personal care or healthcare applications.

Large Format

We understand some campaigns have the need for a strong visual presence and clever POS devices - from signage and banners, through to window and floor decals. Whether it be large format digital printing for in-store campaigns, events or displays, we can assist you to produce your campaign requirements.

Digital print is fast and flexible. 
It's very nature grants the ability to
personalise your marketing materials.


This is the final production stage – where we'll add any embellishments and complete the finishing your project requires; it could even entail packing into kits and labelling for multiple distribution points. Whatever your needs, we have the procedures and equipment to deliver quality products in a timely method.


Finishing encompasses all the processes performed after printing. This includes embellishments, right through to cutting, folding and binding into a finished book or magazine. The below list details the processes commonly available - as to which will suit you best, will depend entirely upon your specific project requirements.
We're happy to be your sounding board, to discuss and determine the option for you.

  • Die/Forme cutting
  • Cutting
  • Folding
  • Gluing
  • Perforating
  • Drilling
  • Saddle stitching and Loop stitching
  • Spiral binding and Wiro Binding
  • Perfect Binding
  • Burst Binding
  • PUR Binding
  • Case Binding


When you're wanting to add something special or indeed some extra protection to your finished piece - embellishments are key. With so many to choose from you can find one which aligns perfectly to your needs.

Laminating - when applying a protective film - think Gloss, Matt, Satin, SilkTouch, Antiscuff and Biodegradable films
UV Coatings - the most common is Gloss UV, yet there are many more options available from Matt, Glitter, High-build, Sand texture, Scratch-off latex, Scratch & Sniff to Glow in the Dark
Foil Stamping - using your design a stamp is created to apply a foil of your choosing - varying from Metallic, Holographic right through to Pigment foils
Debossing & Embossing - add some depth with a deboss which pushes your design into the sheet. Or alternatively, raise up the surface with an emboss and it will push your design outwards
Sculptured Embossing - ultimate craftsmanship - with hand engraving your detailed design into a stamp


Understanding your project needs, in terms of kitting and distribution is important to us. We'll work with you to determine the best transport method for your materials to arrive safely to their destination. It may be as simple as one destination point (local, interstate or international) or Multi-point Distribution as clearly labelled kits. For either scenario, we have the team and systems in place to support whatever you are needing here. Our integrated systems will also track your freight with ease.

Fold, punch, crash, stitch, die-cut,
bind, guillotine – Southern Colour
bindery in full flight.